Thursday, October 29, 2015

Zombie Sense Tingling!

Seeing as I missed yesterday's Horror Movie October posting today I have brought you two. 

Rejoice for we shall have our cake and swim in it too! 

First up we have the last installment of Weird Wednesday from yesterday. It's a tale of finding love while losing everything, Perfect Sense

"Perfect Sense"

Perfect Sense may not be classified as a horror film, but the fall of society as we know it through the loss of our senses one by one is a terrifying thought which is depicted brutally in the film. Eva Green and Ewan McGregor give emotionally powerful and convincing performances as well. 

With this piece I attempted to represent our senses through rings of colors with the epicenter being the love interests. Then I "broke and spun" the title to represent the downfall of each of the senses one by one. 

Today's last Thursday Abroad installment of Horror Movie October is a zombie romp all the way from Germany, Rammbock: Berlin Undead

"Rammbock: Berlin Undead"

Rammbock, which translated means battering ram, is exactly how this film behaves. An undead assault on all fronts. Oh, and there's a love story in there somewhere. I'm sure you can find it. 

With this piece I wanted to explore the intense dread with the title page and the cold desolation with the calendar side. 

Check out the trailers then hunt down the films. 

As always there is more to come...


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