Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Sketchy Update

Hey hey hey! I'm back again with a couple of things to announce. One, these past few weeks have led to a bit of a depression, and with the help of a couple of amazing friends I was able to recognize it and snap out of it. Ever since then I've been pretty damned productive. 

In the pipeline I have quite a few things going on. I'm working on a painting for the wonderful Sherry whom allowed me to stay an extra week in Germany with the most beautiful woman in the world. I am working on an overdue Magic: The Gathering play mat for a friend. Those two are the big current ones. On top of them I'm still working on this webcomic, and I had a friend approach me about designing the logo for their game con, and possibly spear-heading the marketing for it as well. I'm pretty excited about that aspect, but if it doesn't happen I have plenty of other projects to do as well. I have friends asking for a painting depicting a scene from Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Jónsi Birgisson from Sigur Rós, and The Animaniacs. I also have a drawing series and a personal painting I'd like to do. However, the lack of job means lack of funds, and lack of funds means slow down of work when I run out of supplies. I've been spending a lot of my time on school and looking for a job, now that I'm not so down in my dumps. 

I'll be posting updates as projects move forward, and anything else I spit out creatively. I've been doing a lot of web design stuff for class, and am enjoying being inside that big slutty Photoshop. She's good as long as you keep plugging things into her. I'll no doubt post some school work soon. 

In the meantime here are a couple of sketches I did. Nothing big, but I'm getting back into drawing on a regular basis as well as painting. This one is just me playing with shapes and shades, and a bit of texture. 

This next one is a sketch I did of the character Jamie Skinner from the movie "I Declare War". If you haven't seen this movie yet, you should. You should if you enjoy skewing that line between make-believe and reality set within a war scenario. The characters are fleshed out and quirky, the action is engrossing, the humor pops in and out like so many bullets whizzing by your head. The themes and tones connected to each character gives them charm and substance. Imagine "Lord of the Flies" but set to a game of capture the flag in the woods with powerful imaginations and strict rules of warfare. I had the good fortune to watch this movie today with the beautiful Mairine, and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. Anyway, I found this character particularly intriguing. I sketched this out during the film. It certainly isn't finished, but I may have plans for a graphic design incorporating blood drop fades and a skull in the background formed out of tree branches. I don't particularly have the time to diddle with it right now, but if I need a break I may see what I can do. I enjoyed the characters from the film so much that I started conjuring up ideas for character posters or cards utilizing themes from their characters and their actions throughout the design. 


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  1. Keep up the good work and making purrty stuff. Kisses