Monday, February 24, 2014

Conquering the World One Assignment at a Time

This quarter has been busy and life changing, which is just the way I like it. 

I recently acquired two jobs, one for the RMU office and another at a local restaurant. I'm also working on an internship for the RMU Sports Association in Peoria remotely, and I was accepted as an Adobe Software Student Representative. On top of that I'm currently working on three commission projects. Even with all of this going on I still have plenty of time to get my homework and assignments done though. It's a busy quarter, and I'm going to share a bit of my homeworking with y'all. 

We recently had to redesign a vintage ad for my Design Publication class. We picked an old print ad, and then would update it for both portrait and landscape formats of the iPad. 

I personally don't own an iPad, and don't understand why we have to do both. 
Does anyone really read in landscape? 

Anyway, included is the original ad, and my updated versions. 

Big thanks to Nate for the font change suggestion. 
It really makes the ad pop. 

As always there is more to come!

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