Monday, June 9, 2014

"Hello" with After Effects

We had to put together a video of us introducing ourselves and then displaying some basic skills we've learned in Adobe After Effects for my Motion Graphics class at Robert Morris University. 

This is that video. 

The video quality isn't that great, along with the sound. 

It was a quick and dirty recording. Give me a break. 

HOWEVER, I'd like to share it with you nonetheless. 

I've really been digging on After Effects. I learned a lot by putting this together. I'm looking forward to spending a day plugged into a computer and tooling through AE tutorials. I've got another video I did of a faux movie intro using only still shots. As soon as I get it rendered I'll post it. It's currently being held hostage on one of the school computers. I'll hunt it down though. No problem. 

So, without further ado enjoy this ridiculous video that I made. Adieu!

P.S. I'm a better actor than this. What the hell, Blake?

As always there is more to come...

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