Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Batteries Not Included

Today's Two Buck Tuesday installment of the Horror Movie October graphic design calendar card series is a beautiful raw independent zombie flick from 2012 and directed by Jeremy Gardner entitled The Battery.  

"The Battery"
"In a world ravaged by the undead
Ben and Mickey must learn to survive...
each other."

Now now now, stop. I know what you're thinking. 

"Not ANOTHER zombie movie!?" 

Yes. One more.... maybe just one, but DEFINITELY this one!

The Battery is a zombie flick akin to The Walking Dead and all the great zombie flicks that use the zombies as a backdrop to focus on the issues at hand that no one in our society likes to talk about. In the case of The Battery the focus is on two radically different individuals forced to get along in order to survive. 

The bearded individual in the film, Ben, is played by the writer and director, Jeremy Gardner. He made this flick with only $6,000, and shot it over the span of 15 days in Connecticut. His shooting style is very similar to how Harold Ramis handled Caddyshack. That is, there was a written plot, but most of the shooting was "very seat-of-the-pants." That, my friend, is film making! Take an idea, and make something of it. Make it work on the spot. Capture what you can. Then edit the shiz out of it until you've got something. Indie film making at it's finest! 

Also, the soundtrack is brilliant bluegrass and folk, and because of it, along with Gardner's beard, this film has earned a reputation for being a "hipster zombie flick." That song you hear during the trailer is "Anthem for the Already Defeated" by Rock Plaza Central

If you're curious more about the songs used in the film you can find them here. 

Check out the trailer then hunt down the film. 

As always there is more to come...

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