Thursday, August 29, 2013

He Sang Me A Song

"The Piano Man" piece has sold! I wasn't there for the exchange, but from what I understand a lovely couple from Dallas, TX bought the piece. Apparently, they were in town for some contractual work, and upon seeing the piece hanging up at Obed & Isaac's they decided they wanted it. They even opted to pay for shipping in order to have it shipped back to their home. In the end we (Nick and I) decided we would pay for half of the shipping costs out of the overhead of the price. We care more about giving good art good homes than making money off of them. Big thanks to Obed & Isaac's for supporting local artists. Check out Obed & Isaac's for delicious microbrews and foods.

From what I understand Obed & Isaac's has recently hung the last remaining painting from my Star Wars Helmet Speak series, "Troopers". So, stop on in and give it a gander, and if you like it don't be afraid to tell your friends or drop some cash on it. 

I've also decided to donate a portion of my return on this painting to Artists for a Cause. I want to give back where I can, and from this point on a portion of all my sales will go towards a charity. Artists for a Cause is a great national not-for-profit group that diversifies it's funds among programs that use arts to help improve communities and donating to other charities for research and help such as The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, The Boys and Girls Club, Human Rights Campaign, and The Humane Society. 

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