Friday, June 13, 2014

Eagles Go Kaaaaa!

I'm part of a student mentor program, Eagle Scholars, for my school, Robert Morris University, and one of the first projects we undertook was designing T-shirts within our groups, and then having everyone vote on which design they liked the best to be put on the T-shirts for everyone to wear. 

After doing a bit of research on the school this is the design I came up with. 

I've provided both my original sketch, and the Adobe Illustrator vector. I plan on adding colors, but that will have to wait until next week or next weekend due to final projects I'm working on this weekend. 

Dollar dollar bill y'all
I asked my group members what they thought the Eagle Scholars program meant to them. The response I got was "open-mindedness, trust, and responsibility." So I ran with it. I took those values as my springboard and moved forward. I wanted to create an image that was immediately familiar, resonated Robert Morris University, visually encapsulated the aforementioned values, featured the year of the program, and our particular campus in Springfield, IL. 

My immediate thoughts went to familiar objects with eagles on them, and then BAM! It hit me. What eagle is everywhere? The one on the dollar bill! The Ramones knew this.  So, I moved on from there. 

Eagle eagle logo y'all
I had my layout now I needed to incorporate my values. I immediately changed the eagle head to resemble the eagle head of the RMU logo that the school is identified by. I added a circle around the back to signify a circle of trust, and from that circle I branches out ten throngs along top to create a crown of open-mindedness while at the same time representing every campus location the school has. Then I utilized the stability of three, and gradual extension to incorporate three throngs on both sides of the bottom circle. By curving them I aimed to create the recognizable caring curve of caring hands that instill responsibility because they are placed at the bottom, almost cupping the logo. After that I just threw the program name on the shield for honor, the campus location on the papyrus in the eagle's mouth, and the year of the program attached the object of values. 

rough sketch of design

vector of design

P.S. Blogger's restrictions are starting to irk me. I should have more free time next quarter so I'm going to try and get a webpage put together. 


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