Sunday, June 29, 2014

Form-free Brain Droppings

No edits. Free thought. Free form.

It's been a crazy week and weekend, as is most of my life.  I wouldn't trade it for anything. My emotions ran a wide gamut this weekend, and spurned the need to write. I do a lot of work, but I feel my thoughts sometimes get buried. I needed a thought dump, and I wanted to share said dump. ;)

I want to be burned by the sun.
I want to be chapped by the wind.
I want to be scared by the night.
I want to be saved by the day.
I want my breathe, my mind, my body to be taken away in moments of awe.
I want my hair to change with the seasons.
I want the world to scar me.
I want life to char me.
I want to work til exhaustion for all the right reasons.
I want my long hours of seemingly tedious and monotonous creativity to bring forth a joy in one, ten,           hundred, thousand, millions of others. 
I want that work to generate a single thought amongst everyone that experiences it. 
I want that thought to be infused with positivity and goodwill. 
I want that thought to root itself deep inside, and twist the tree of the mind.
I want that thought to bear fruit of change.
I want that thought to comfort you when times are hard.
I want to suffer for that work because I know I can take it.
I want to experience this world and this life without restriction or hesitation.
I want to share it all with you.

I'm ready to move. 
I'm ready to see.
I'm ready to write.
I'm all ready to be.
I'm ready to dance.
I'm ready to give.
I'm ready to taste.
I'm all ready to live.

Let me be your medium, life.
Let me be your conduit, world.

Shape me.
Sculpt me.
Change me.
Break me.
Show me.
Make me.
Burn me.
Scar me.
Guide me.

Guide me.

As always there is more to come...

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