Monday, July 14, 2014

The Big Noubowski Part Deux

It's finished! The Big Noubowski watercolor I did has been through some processing, and I am finished with it! 

*puts a fork in it*

This is a follow up post to my previous post The Big Noubwoski. As we all know it was an assignment for my Design History class at Robert Morris University. I forced myself to sit down one day, and in 6 hours I went from rough to finished watercolor. I haven't worked in watercolors in years so this was a personal challenge that I was willing to take on. 

I'm quite impressed with the results, and learned quite a bit. I look forward to working with watercolors again. I think next time I'll spend more time rendering. 

However, after I finished the project I took her through the Photoshops and after applying some variant filters and textures and touching some things up I am now finished with it. 


As always there is more to come...

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